Ergonomic Furniture

Chairs, tables and resting areas are designed for you stay in the space for as long as you can with much comfort.

 Lounge Areas

  As we give importance to productivity in the work, we see taking breaks in a creative space much more important.


Bee Offices are designed to give you a private space inside the shared area so you can enjoy the community while focusing on your work.

24/7 Open

You can access the space whenever you like.

Easy access with your fingerprint

A short description of this great feature.

Customizable Desks

You have the freedom to add your touch on your own desk.

Call Booth

Long and private calls.

Private cabins

Put your private stuff in your own lockers.


Everything is prepared for you before you enter the office.


For protecting the silence in the space we provide private call booths and meeting rooms for long calls and your business meetings.

Turbo WIFI

Unlimited speed of internet is provided to you once becoming a member in our space.

Hot beverages and Snacks

Every month we provide new taste of drinks in the office! We care about your enjoyment.