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you need  !


Shaping our future

With the global growth of entrepreneurial  businesses you get the opportunity to work in on of the most quietest and creative work spaces. With a collaborative community, professional and flexible atmosphere, you'll grow your connections and your day will more productive.

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Shared Office

TL  3000

/ month
  • Best choice to start with.

Cell Office

 TL 4000

/ month
  • Privacy & Interaction

Single Private Office

 TL 5000

/ month
  • Private working space

Why Legospaces?

Who wouldn't wish working in a sense of community and wide range of members. With high quality amenities that assist you in using your time effectively, Legospaces will be your second home. 

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First list of Features

Free services you can enjoy after renting a cell office.

Safe Entrance

Entrance with fingerprint for high security

Private locker

Safe  locker to put your stuff that you need to remain in the office

Meeting Room

Select and delete blocks to remove features.

24/7 Access

You are not limited with any office hours. The space is great for night owls and morning birds!

Cargo delivery

You can set your packages and invoices to be delivered to the office.

Call Booth

A private space that prevents any noise leak to the shared area.

Rest and Cafe Area

It's not all work, you should give yourself the chance to rest.

Virtual address

Giving the chance to companies to work  remotely from anywhere in the wold by choosing a prestigious location.

Dec 2020
Our Founder came with the idea of professional work spaces where freelancers and remote workers can communicate together.

Started to work on this idea in Gaza, Palestine and build a professional spaces to work and network.


After the success in Gaza and the high demand our team noticed, we grew by more coworking flats and branches

LEGOSPACES Istanbul was found!

Legospaces Sarajevo Opened!